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Constructing Corners

Retaining Walls

Batoe's Paving Centre have retaining wall systems for every landscape project. Whatever your project needs, we have the right retaining wall for you.


Our Range:

We have a wide range of of blocks, see below for a list of styles and designs from our suppliers.


Bullet Arrina Wall (Arena Wall) Bullet Keystone
Bullet A.B Blocks Bullet Grandstone (Heathstone)
Bullet Besser Blocks Bullet Split Face - Besser Blocks
Bullet Bolderstone Bullet Norfolk
Bullet Heron Bullet Nambucca
Bullet Hastings Bullet Tasman
Bullet Heritage Bullet Versa Wall
Bullet Valleystone (Garden Wall) Bullet Wallstone Grande


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And more! Contact us for information about the block you require for your retaining wall.


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